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Hydrated lime, a powdery material, is made mostly from limestone. To make it, quicklime is mixed with water to create a hydroxide from an oxide. It is common to practice to combine hydrated lime with water and either sand or cement before applying it as a binder in mortars and plasters. Calcium hydroxide (its chemical name) has the formula Ca (OH)2.

One must first manufacture quicklime before going on to hydrated lime. Quicklime, composed of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide, is obtained directly from the calcination of raw limestone. Minimizing the size of the limestone is the first step in this process. It then goes through a three-stage process of preheating, calcining, and cooling in kilns after being washed. Crushing the cooled quicklime and mixing it with water is the next step after allowing the quicklime to cool.

Cement lime storage silos from hydrated lime powder manufacturers in India are available in a wide range of configurations to accommodate a wide range of applications. These include a complete extraction plant for fluidification or vibrating bottom; auger dosing; rotary valve; microdoser; and continuous weighing and dissolving. These cement lime storage silos can be purchased in a range of sizes, with capacities between 100 and 30,000 cubic feet.

Benefits of Using Hydrated Lime

There are several applications for hydrated lime, but one of the most common is in the steel industry, where it is used to remove impurities during the production process.

Additionally, hydrated lime is frequently used in the production of a wide range of other products, including but not limited to: mortar, paint, cement, plaster, numerous petrochemicals and rubber, leather tanning, and food. Coal-burning power stations and other facilities (such as furnaces and smelters) that release acidic gas emissions employ hydrated lime to mitigate the problem.

In addition to being used in creating roadways, runways, and dam linings, it is also employed in stabilizing building foundations. Hydrated lime’s alkaline properties make it helpful in raising the pH of acidic soils in agricultural settings.

No of the use, sizable amount of hydrated lime will be required. Since this is the case, finding a way to store large quantities is crucial.

Hydrated lime powder suppliers in India are suppliers of hydrated lime, or calcium hydroxide, a component used in many different settings. It’s common for customers to mix together quicklime (calcium oxide) and hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide). When comparing the reactive properties of hydrated lime with quicklime, there are notable differences. Hydrated lime is nothing more than quicklime to which water has been added to convert oxides to hydroxides. This process is known as “slaking,” and it is performed before baking and powderization of the product. Calcium hydroxide, often known as hydrated lime, was the common name for it back then. This material goes by a number of other names, including slack lime, builders’ lime, and pickled lime.

Hydrated lime can be purchased in a number of different concentrations. Catalysts and quicklime type determine the final form of hydrated lime produced. The calcium oxide percentage of high calcium hydrated lime ranges from 72% to 74%, that of dolomitic hydrated lime from 46% to 48%, that of dolomitic hydrated lime that has been pressurized from 40% to 42%, and that of high calcium hydrated lime from 40% to 42%. Water accounts for the remaining components.

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